Is ESG Stewardship Under-Resourced? An alternative view…...

Feb 26, 2024






esg stewardship

Investment managers and asset owners who responded to a survey/study commissioned by PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) view the need to increase resources allocated to ESG stewardship because they are currently inadequate and not fit for purpose given the fiduciary duty they undertake.

This can be addressed either:

  1. Many organizations still depend on Excel and unorganized activities and data management, This approach makes hard to perform and to engage on teams. This is something that might be resolved through hiring extra staff, or working with a third party for certain tasks, but it may still be a temporary and costly fix that doesn’t address the root of the issues. or
  2. ResearchPool offers innovative approach that by providing automated workflows that streamline stewardship activities. This approach ensures better data capture, integrity, sharing for better collaboration and reporting for analysts and portfolio managers in a more organized manner. ResearchPool soluion makes it possible to make better use of already-existing resources, enabling more expansive and active stewardship activities which eventually benefit investors more.

The solution offered by ResearchPool has advantages not only over the conventional practices, but also redefines the approach to stewardship activities. It assists organizations in embracing better practices when it comes to handling and managing data and operations efficency. The automated workflows reduce the reliance on manual processes and enable better allocation of resources, making the stewardship process more reliable and collaborative.

By leveraging existing resources more effectively with ResearchPool, you can offer more active and expanded stewardship and engagement, ultimately benefiting your investors.

Discover how ResearchPool can transform your stewardship and engagement.

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Activities Tracking

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ESG Case Management


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