Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management


Designed to facilitate and foster interactions between investors, intermediaries and issuers for better capital raising and allocation. Our solution is a capital market focused CRM leveraging on Microsoft Dynamics technology.


  • Contacts Database: Large and global contact database of 100K+ portfolio managers, analysts, investor relations, etc.…with first and last names, emails, job titles, LinkedIn URLs, location, related accounts, etc…
  • Account Database: +5K accounts of investors, intermediaries, and issuers organizations with LinkedIn URLs, email formats, assets under management, etc…
  • Interaction Capture: Tagging, Recording, sharing and tracking of interactions with issuers, investors, and research providers directly from MS Outlook
  • Case Management: Creation, track, and collaboration of cases for Financial and ESG investments with timelines and milestones, and linking them to research, documents, notes, and activities,
  • Reporting: Automated reporting of activities and cases to track consumption, engagement, and progress
Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management

Delivered Benefits

Ready-to-use contact and account database with clean, validated, and up-to-date information

Better collaboration by enabling interaction information to be easily accessible and shared

Facilitated reporting, management oversight and compliance via automated and customizable reporting

Improved ESG engagement by having access to activities and cases history

Cost reduction by closely tracking interactions with research providers

Removed Pain-Points


Time-consumption to acquire and retrieve contacts and accounts details

ineffective ESG

Ineffective ESG engagement by lacking tracking history and milestones

challenging compliance

Challenging compliance with different regulations and labelings

limited control

Limited cost control with research providers

Access and Delivery





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