Research Management System

Research Management System 


Designed to unlock the full value of your internal investment research. Our Research Management system is a digital repository (cloud software) for all investment management documents, notes, and activities (events, emails, and others) on all asset classes, enabling superior sharing, discovery, and idea generation for better investment decisions. 

Our research management system is tailored to asset managers, investment managers, wealth managers, hedge funds, alternative managers, and many more. 


  • Repository: Tagging, relating, sharing and centrally storing of all documents, notes and activities directly from Microsoft Office applications suite (Office, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc…)
  • Case Management: Creation and tracking of cases for your Financial and ESG investments with timelines and milestones, and linking them to research, documents, notes, and activities
  • Retrieval and digestion: Full text search and summarization
  • Navigation: Single issuer pages, aggregating all related information and data and with customizable dashboards for KPIs tracking
  • Integration: Information and data accessible via API or a custom feed for other usages,
Research Management System-RMS

Delivered Benefits

Frictionless and best-in-class experience for users to tag, relate and share documents, notes and activities (events, interactions, etc…) by meeting users in the interfaces that they are familiat with e.g. Microsoft Outlook

Easy discovery, access and digestion of internal information through smart searching and advanced filtering, as well as via generative AI summarization

Detailed visibility into each investment case timeline, including related activities, documents and tasks to enhance collaboration

Advanced data visualization helping users to quicky and effortlessly make sense of the relevant data like price targets, ESG ratings, and more

Compliance facilitated through the collection, organization and storing of information and data, backed by detailed audit logs

Easy integration into internal and 3rd party applications using API and flat-file data transfer

Removed Pain-Points

limited info

Limited information & data capturing and recording

dispersed info

Dispersed information & data across software and folders

convoluted info

Convoluted information & data sharing

hindered insights

Hindered discovery of insights and idea generation

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