Investment Process

Investment Process Reliability: One of the keys to winning RFPs from Asset Owners

Asset owners prioritize the robustness of investment processes when selecting asset managers. However, crucial decision-making steps often remain informal, scattered across various mediums like emails, notes, and documents, lacking digitalization and unified workflow. This fragmentation may lead to doubts about efficiency and reliability, despite managers’ expertise. Customizable attributes and audit

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ESG Controversies

ESG Controversies – A Detailed Identification is Must-Have!

As investor scrutiny intensifies and regulatory frameworks evolve, asset managers face heightened pressure to swiftly identify and address ESG controversies. Mere reliance on raw data won’t suffice; comprehensive processes are imperative. Consider the exacting standards of the French ‘ISR’ Label, mandating meticulous controversy scrutiny and responsive action. ResearchPool’s solution offers

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sell-side research API

Uncover Investment Opportunities on EU stocks via our Sell-Side Research API

Amidst the current financial landscape, European stocks are emerging as a beacon of opportunity for global investors seeking alternatives to the overheated U.S. market. In this dynamic environment, European sell-side analysts stand at the forefront, armed with invaluable insights crucial for successful investments. Our Sell Side Research API offers investment

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