ESG Engagement Tracker : MS Excel Not Fit-for-Purpose

Feb 26, 2024






ESG Engagement

While MS Excel has gained popularity as ESG Engagement  Tracker due to its flexibility.

It has many important shortcomings including:

  • Access & Retrieval: Users often struggle to keep track of MS Excel file names and their location in mailboxes or shared folders.
  • Version Control: It poses challenges as multiple users working on the same spreadsheet simultaneously can lead to data loss and the co-existence of multiple versions.
  • Data Integrity: Maintaining data consistency is difficult due to challenges in controlling user input, such as who can edit, value formats, and error management.
  • Workflow Management: MS Excel lacks automation and functionality for example to relate ESG Engagement activities (emails, appointments, tasks, and more) with documents, notes and other entities.

As ESG regulations and labeling requirements become increasingly stringent, MS Excel may lead to compliance issues that are hard to resolve.

ResearchPool’s solution enables users to easily log, upload and tag any activity, documents and notes directly from MS Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. ESG Engagement can then be tracked per issuer, sector, type and other criteria, making investment decisions easier and better informed. All is supported by a solid audit trail and input rules.

Comprehending ESG Engagement

A variety of initiatives are included in ESG engagement, which is designed to persuade businesses to embrace environmentally and socially conscious practices. There are a number of ways that this involvement might occur, such as investor-management discussions, shareholder resolutions, joint ventures, and advocacy campaigns. Through these exchanges, stakeholders influence corporate decision-making procedures and promote adherence to ESG guidelines.

Introducing ESG Engagement Tracker: Corporate Responsibility Monitoring

ESG elements have become essential indicators in the current corporate governance and responsibility landscape for assessing a company’s ethical and sustainable operations.Businesses must include ESG factors into their operations as stakeholders demand greater accountability and transparency. In response, one essential tool for evaluating and tracking corporate responsibility initiatives has been the ESG Engagement Tracker.

The role of ESG Tracker

The ESG Engagement Tracker functions as an all-inclusive monitoring platform, enabling the tracking and examination of ESG-related interactions between businesses and their stakeholders. It gives investors, activists, and other interested parties important information on the frequency, type, and results of these encounters, allowing them to assess how responsive a company is to environmental, social, and governance issues.

ResearchPool Solution Features

ESG Activities Tracking

Activities Tracking

Directly from Outlook, users can easily tag and log any ESG Engagement interaction with custom fields and automated field selection.

ESG Case Management

Engagement cases can be discovered, managed, and shared for time gains, reliable tracking and collaboration.

ESG Case Management
ESG Case Management


Customizable, intra-day updated, and ready-to-be-used reporting to track ESG Engagement across the organization.

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