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Feb 26, 2024






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Transforming information on financial instruments and issuers into actionable knowledge requires a robust reference data framework, with comprehensive details of each financial instrument (identifiers, classifications, codes, and more) and clear relations between financial instruments and issuers.

When done at each investment firm level, this is a multiple-person job that needs to spend countless hours mining, cleaning, aggregating, and relating data. Only then, others can make sense of the multiple datasets of fundamental and sustainable information collected and received.

Reference data serves as the foundation for both human and machine interpretation, as well as for quality decision-making.

Our data hub stands as a comprehensive and robust repository of financial instruments and issuer data. It not only relieves individual firms from the burden of extensive reference data work but also empowers portfolio managers and analysts to derive meaningful insights from the information. This empowerment is crucial for making superior investment decisions in a competitive market environment.

By centralizing and maintaining a high-quality repository of reference data, our platform ensures consistency and reliability in data interpretation across different teams and functions within investment firms. This consistency is essential for eliminating discrepancies and ensuring that decisions are based on accurate, up-to-date information.

Furthermore, our data hub facilitates seamless integration with analytical tools and platforms, enhancing the efficiency of data utilization and analysis. This integration enables portfolio managers and analysts to quickly access relevant information and perform sophisticated analyses that drive better investment outcomes.

Our approach to managing financial instruments and issuer data through a comprehensive reference data framework not only streamlines operational processes but also enhances the analytical capabilities of investment professionals. By providing reliable and structured data, we empower firms to focus more on strategic decision-making and less on data management, ultimately leading to more informed and successful investment strategies.

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Issuer Reference Data

Issuer Reference Data

Several thousands issuers with LEIs, legal names, registration numbers, domiciliation, related financial instruments and more.

Instruments Reference Data

50K mainly equity instruments with ISINs, Tickers, CFI Codes, Names and more. Debt securities to be added in the near future.

Instruments Reference Data

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