Unlock Differentiated Alpha by Lifting Your Internal Research

Feb 26, 2024






Internal Research

Are you disappointed with the sharing and usage of your internal research? Many investment firms grapple with this challenge, seeing it as a problem and looking for a solution. Yet, there’s a unanimous acknowledgment of the invaluable nature of internal work, representing the unique investment expertise of each firm.

The root of this frustration likely stems from the complexity of sharing, accessibility, and searching. Analysts and portfolio managers find themselves tangled in a web of steps and clicks, forced to juggle information like locations, URLs, and passwords. The result? Many give up after a few attempts, while others don’t even try.

But there’s a way. ResearchPool solution offers a transformative user experience with:

  • Semi-automated connectivity, research sharing, and data entry with predefined and fully customizable fields, sorting, and filters.
  • Effortless access to aggregated and organized research and data, empowering your team with the information they need, when they need it.
  • Seamless Integration with applications that analysts and portfolio managers rely on daily, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and more. No more switching between platforms – everything you need is at their fingertips

It’s time to break free from inefficient workflows and unlock the full potential of your investment expertise. Discover how ResearchPool solutions can revolutionize your internal research processes today.

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office add in

MS Office Integration

Frictionless experience for users to tag, upload, and related documents, notes, and activities with issuers, cases, and more, directly from MS Office applications.

Centralised Repository

Centralised documents, notes, events, emails, and more, repository enabling easy discovery and fostering collaboration.

Centralised Repository
case management

Case Management

Detailed visibility into the information linked to investment cases, and the attributes of cases like status, through a timeline.

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