Reduce Regulatory and Reputation Risks by Elevating the Digitalization of Your Engagement and Investment Processes

Feb 26, 2024






Digitalization of Your Engagement and Investment Processes

The digitalization of the engagement and investment processes is, unsurprisingly, a must-have in the heavily regulated asset management industry.

It is undoubtful that most firms now have these processes somehow documented.

However, the documentation is not always exhaustive and organized in a manner that can be easily accessible, visualized, and analyzed for auditing purposes. Relevant content and data may be dispersed across software and folders.

The inability to prove actions and decision-making in the interest of investors may have significant repercussions, particularly given the public exposure that such situations may receive.

Our “Case” solution not only enables your portfolio managers and analysts directly from Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote) to easily tag and upload the relevant content and data into our centralized digital repository, but also to relate the relevant items (emails, calendar events, documents, and notes) into one or multiple engagement and investment cases.

The whole can be easily visualized on our web application in a timeline, displaying records of linked items, case status, and updates made by users.


Office Add-ins

Office Add-ins

Frictionless experience for users to tag, upload and relate documents, notes and activities with Cases.

Case Management

Detailed visibility into items related to investment and engagement cases, the case status and updates done by users.

Case Management
ESG Reporting Dashboard

Advanced Vizualisation

Fully customisable reports on investment and engagement cases, their status and updates.

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