Ready for EU Regulatory Crack Down on ESG Engagement in 24?

Feb 26, 2024






ESG Engagement

In their supervision priorities for 2024, the AMF (French financial regulator) announced the enforcement of actions against ill-advised ESG Engagement & Voting policies. The planned crackdown will encompass repressive measures where relevant, particularly where investors are damaged.

This stems from the increased importance of ESG engagement and voting policies on investment managers’ behavior and commercialization efforts.

The AMF will assess, among other elements, the human and technical resources applied, the link between the engagement and the decision to invest or divest, the ex-ante and ex-post information to investors, and the tracking and control framework.

Our ESG Engagement solution responds to these regulatory requirements by offering users of investment firms an easy log, retrieval, and tracking of all ESG engagement activities and cases, directly from Microsoft Office Products (Outlook, Word, Excel, and more). It is also supported by a solid data structure enabling deep customisation and detailed auditing.


Activities Tracking

Activities Tracking

Directly from Outlook, users can easily tag and log any ESG Engagement interaction with custom fields and automated field selection.

ESG Case Management

Engagement cases can be discovered, managed, and shared for time gains, reliable tracking and collaboration.

Case Management
ESG Reporting Dashboard


Customizable, intra-day updated, and ready-to-be-used reporting to track ESG Engagement across the organization.

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