Investment Process Reliability: One of the keys to winning RFPs from Asset Owners

Feb 26, 2024






Investment Process

The robustness of the investment process is undoubtedly a key criterion for asset owners in choosing asset managers.

Often, parts of the process leading to important investment decisions remain informal, and if formalized the information is scattered across emails, digital and paper notes, transcripts of video calls, broker notes, documents, and other supports, without being digitalized and unified in auditable workflow and timeline.

Naturally, this may raise doubts and risks from asset owners about the efficiency and reliability of asset managers’ investment process, despite their unique expertise and track record.

Our solution enables users to easily tag and upload all information contained in emails, notes, documents, and more from the point of creation (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and more), into our single digital repository, and link it with the relevant investment cases.

Each investment case will have its unique attributes like status that can be fully customizable to match each organization’s taxonomies, and a progress timeline displaying the linked information and the updated attributes. The whole is complemented by an audit trail accessible by compliance.


office add in

MS Office Integration

Frictionless experience for users to tag, upload, and related documents, notes, and activities with issuers, cases, and more, directly from MS Office applications.

Centralised Repository

Centralised documents, notes, events, emails, and more, repository enabling easy discovery and fostering collaboration.

Centralised Repository
case management

Case Management

Detailed visibility into the information linked to investment cases, and the attributes of cases like status, through a timeline.

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