esg stewardship

Is ESG Stewardship Under-Resourced? An alternative View…

Investment managers and asset owners recognize the need for increased stewardship resources, as current efforts are inadequate. Addressing this can involve adding extra headcount or using ResearchPool, which automates workflows, organizes stewardship activities, and ensures superior data management. This improves collaboration, reporting, and ultimately benefits investors.

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Data Silos for Better Investment Returns

Unlock your Data Silos for Better Investment Returns

Portfolio managers and analysts often face inefficient workflows and missed collaboration opportunities due to local storage of investment indicators. Our data solution centralizes indicator management, offering advanced user interfaces and connectivity, streamlining workflows, and eliminating duplicated efforts across your organization.

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sell side research

European Investments with Our Sell Side Research API

European Investments with Our Sell Side Research API Feb 26, 2024  — by ResearchPool in Insights European stocks are currently enjoying a surge in interest among international investors seeking promising investment opportunities beyond the U.S. market. As the demand for insightful investment strategies grows, European sell-side analysts stand at the

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