How to Unlock the Intrinsic Value of Sell-Side Research with Generative AI?

Feb 26, 2024






Sell-Side Research with Generative AI

Today, many consider sell-side investment research reports as a commoditized product with low differentiation and some oversupply on large caps.

The fact is that investment research reports are mostly created by highly skilled professionals with unique knowledge and experience on their subject matter. Better than others, they can transform data and information into unique knowledge and actionable insights.

The issue lies with the limited capacity of users to digest, select, and act on all accessible sell-side insights. It is here that Generative AI can make a difference by digesting all accessible research to each user and then presenting them with relevant actionable insights.

This requires a centralized, organized, and categorized digital repository of current and historical sell-side research, powering Generative AI models to deliver unique and actionable investment insights.

This is what we offer – a centralized repository of 2M+ research reports from more than 300+ sell-side and independent research providers accessible via API and supported by a robust

ResearchPool SuperApp

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