How to Achieve Painless Financial & ESG Reporting at Issuer and Fund Levels?

Feb 26, 2024






Regulatory Reporting, Financial & ESG Reporting

Investment managers often face strong pain in aggregating, cleaning, and organizing data at the issuer and fund levels for their Financial and ESG  regulatory reporting needs and obligations. This significantly hurts productivity and represents an important regulatory risk.

The major difficulty lies in mapping input data related to financial instruments to issuers and funds, and the other way around. The complexity of such a task is high with multiple issuer levels (parents and children), and countless equity and debt financial instruments listed on multiple stock exchanges with each listing having its identifier.

Our solution can automatically and seamlessly relate any input data to issuers and funds, regardless of the initial identifier used. Data is then aggregated, clean, and organized at each entity level ready to be used to answer any reporting needs and obligations using our powerful visualization tools.

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