ESAP – A Game Changer for Financial and Sustainable Data in Europe (as of 2026)

Feb 26, 2024






ESAP – A Game Changer for Financial and Sustainable Data in Europe (as of 2026)

As of mid-2026, regulatory information from issuers, investors, exchanges, and other capital markets stakeholders in Europe will be available on a centralized database freely available (human and machine-readable) and managed by ESMA (the Pan-European Financial Regulator), called ESAP.

The information to be available, will include both financial and sustainable related fillings and data required by the different European directives and regulations (SFDR, MAR, Transparency, Prospectus, and many others).

It will be a similar service to EDGAR managed by the SEC in the US, but with the ambition to become an even larger pool of information for investors, given its scope.

If its objectives are realized, many of the frictions to access financial and sustainable data on European capital markets will be removed, and above all it will considerably reduce the current hard-to-support data costs to access what should be public data.

It should also unlock the development of analytics services like Edgar made possible in US.

At ResearchPool, we are making large data sets of structured financial and sustainable data easily accessible to users and organizations via feature rich interfaces (column ordering, sorting, filtering, etc…), flat file and API delivery at competitive pricing. We will leverage on ESAP to build the deepest pool of financial and Sustainable data on European Capital Markets stakeholders.

Let’s partner to take your financial and sustainable data access and usage to the next level.

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