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Data Management Services

Helping to Solve ESG and Legacy Data Issues

Accurate, transparent and timely data is essential for successful and repeatable investment decision making. ResearchPool’s cloud-based platform allows your team to seamlessly create, centralise, standardise, analyse, and share external and internal information in multiple formats. 

ResearchPool’s data management services allows firms to:

  • Upload fragmented, locally stored data – such as ESG, proprietary or fundamental data saved in multiple formats, such as spreadsheets, emails, and PDFs – to a single firm-wide, cloud-based hub.

  • Quickly create reports to capture and display new data firmwide, in a consistent and robust format.

  • Integrate third-party provider data feeds to view alongside your proprietary data, via manual or bulk upload (API, sFTP, Web interface, etc).

Individual issuer and security coverage pages collate the totality of your external research and proprietary information alongside evaluation and interaction data for any particular company that you focus in a single place, making data visualisation and investment analysis easy.

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Simplify your data collection and management with no-code

Quickly create from scratch your own cloud-based database using our platform, without coding or IT support. Upload existing spreadsheets and other proprietary information into your own secure and centralised data hub so it can be shared with your team. Create your own import templates.

Bringing data standardisation

Data standardisation is critical to ensure that the quality of your firm’s data remains high to make tracking and analysis easy. The process of uploading and maintaining your data in ResearchPool will help transform your data into a stardard form and will then allow new data to be added consistently and accurately. In addition, data can be uploaded through SFTP or connecting to our API.

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Data visualisation and analytics

All your external and proprietary research, evaluation, and interactions data will be aggregated into a single coverage page per company allowing investment managers and analysts to quickly find the information they need. ResearchPool leverages Tableauâ„¢, the visual analytics platform, to transform how your organisation sees and understands data.

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Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

The ResearchPool platform is maintained across two industry leading data centres based in the European Union to ensure that your data is fully secure and recoverable. Our databases are fully managed therefore you do not need to worry about infrastructure maintenance or performance issues.

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Start Building Your Data Hub

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