Countdown to New ESG Label Rules in France (March 1)

Feb 26, 2024






ESG label

On March 1, the new rules for the French ESG label are set to take effect, laying the groundwork for a likely European ESG label.

These new demanding obligations require a level of data integrity robustness and workflow streamlining that MS Excel cannot match.

ResearchPool’s solution not only offers unparalleled usability with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, and more) integration, but also allows a complete customization of data input, mirroring each organization’s data structure. In addition to providing fully customized reporting, it also facilitates users’ discovery of ESG engagements across the organization.

Under the new obligation investment firms must establish a process to ensure that each engagement action is addressed to the relevant issuer with a precise goal and timeline. It also requires that the total number of ESG engagement actions, and whether each engagement was part of a collective effort, are made available on the website of the investment manager.

Compliance with these new obligations and with the enhanced workflows ought to be assessed and vetted by an internal audit report.

Get ready with ResearchPool’s automated, customizable, and integrated solution for the tracking and reporting on ESG Engagement.


ESG Activities Tracking

Activities Tracking

Directly from Outlook, users can easily tag and log any ESG Engagement interaction with custom fields and automated field selection.

ESG Case Management

Engagement cases can be discovered, managed, and shared for time gains, reliable tracking and collaboration.

ESG Case Management
ESG Case Management


Customizable, intra-day updated, and ready-to-be-used reporting to track ESG Engagement across the organization.

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