Boldness: The Antidote to Shifting from Active to Passive

Feb 26, 2024






Boldness: The Antidote to Shifting from Active to Passive

Recent announcements from listed investment managers highlighted the continuous shift of clients’ money into cheaper passive strategies and a cloudy outlook for revenues and margins.

Despite the challenging context, the value proposition of active management remains attractive, particularly with the increased weight of passive investments.

But it requires bold adjustments to achieve a leaner operative model, through concrete actions towards cost reduction, increased productivity, and continuous improvement, such as:

  • Assessing the value for money and potential duplication of data and terminals, against less expensive alternatives
  • Digitalizing workflows and leveraging generative AI to discover unique insight into internal content and data
  • Fostering internal collaboration by facilitating information sharing and accessibility.

This is where ResearchPool can help as an enabler of superior productivity and learner operating models through its highly customizable, automated, and integrated solutions.


Office Add-ins

Office Add-ins

Frictionless experience for users to tag, upload, and relate documents, notes, and activities with Cases.

Case Management

Detailed visibility into items related to investment and engagement cases, the case status and updates done by users.

Case Management
ESG Reporting Dashboard

Advanced Vizualisation

Fully customisable reports on investment and engagement cases, their status and updates.

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