Better Investments: Going from 20 to 80 in Data Capture and Knowledge Creation

Feb 26, 2024






Investment Insights

Each day, investment professionals create large amounts of insightful content and data that can greatly contribute to the success of investments.

Unfortunately, a significant part is not recorded, or when recorded and eventually shared it gets lost in numerous emails, documents, notes, spreadsheets, shared folders. Sometime after, one rarely recalls that exists.

The solution is a centralized digital repository like ResearchPool that users can easily feed with tagged content and data from the point of recording (Outlook, Word, Excel, Onenote, Teams, and more), as well as relate it with issuers and other entities.

Content and data can then be easily retrieved, discovered, and used to generate knowledge and investment ideas that can make a difference in outperforming.

Our solution also fosters collaboration enabling further incremental knowledge creation.

Unlock the power of your investment insights with ResearchPool and Take your knowledge management to another level. Schedule a demo of our solution today.


office add in

MS Office Integration

Frictionless experience for users to tag, upload, and related documents, notes, and activities with issuers, cases, and more, directly from MS Office applications.


Centralised Repository

Centralised documents, notes, events, emails, and more, repository enabling easy discovery and fostering collaboration.

Centralised Repository
case management

Case Management

Detailed visibility into the information linked to investment cases, and the attributes of cases like status, through a timeline.

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