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The early years

ResearchPool was incorporated as soon as 2015 by the co-founders to develop a solution in relation to the expected regulatory and consumption changes in relation to investment research. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was made available in July 2015 for its users (and later to be clients) to test.

The later years

The firm quickly enjoyed high recognition in the market and usage from passionate analysts and users, leading to an elevation in traffic, concurrent to the increase of functionalities available on the platform, in particular

  • analytical tools for user groups to assess the interest and value of their entitlements and other research consumption
  • automation for managing the publication and distribution of reports to selected individuals, but also

The current products and service offering

  • The global modern open digital platform to discover and purchase investment intelligence
  • The MiFID 2 investment firms solution to manage spending, usage and evaluation of research through cooperative workflows
  • The providers’ technology tool to publish, interact, monetise, benchmark, and better target users
  • The portal for issuers to present its financial information and 3rd party intelligence

The values

We created ResearchPool to be the first open-access, neutral / independent, pan-European investment intelligence marketplace. We have labelled our work as #ONE as such:

Open means that we are also the most popular platform (according to Alexa rankings)

  • Content discovery available for everyone on any web browsing device at no cost
  • Boost reach through search engines page registration and social media leverage

Neutral to constitute a fair, unbiased bridge for intelligence to gather and be disseminated 

  • Equal treatment for all research buyers and providers
  • Free of conflict of interest, notably through its shareholding

European given the exemplarity of the continent to steer best practices worldwide in the investment industry

  • Actively participating in the financial regulation oversight and policy (MiFID)
  • Invested in maintaining high standards of data privacy (GDPR)


User experience focused, technology and functionality to drive long-term value for all stakeholders

Sustainability conscious with centrally stored documents, and carbon free meetings

Community friendly through collaboration-enhancing tools


The set up

We are located in Paris, right in the Silicon Sentier, in close proximity to the technology center for France, as well as within walking distance of some European regulators headquarters. Our address is 75 rue de Richelieu, F-75002 Paris.


The people behind


Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

15 years of experience on financial markets mostly as a product leader. Pedro leveraged on forthcoming regulatory and technology changes to unlock opportunities for the Exchange Traded Product business at Euronext, and built up a top revenue line for the firm in just 4 years.

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Chief Commercial Officer and Partner

Over 30 years’ experience in financial markets, with extensive knowledge of actors and products.

At Euronext, Anne founded the “Buy-side Club” to tighten the relationship with Asset Management, resulting in a significant improvement in marketing leading to growth in trading revenues by 20%.

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Chief Marketing Officer and Partner

20 years with major banks, as principal, counsel, originator, structurer, notably on building pioneering teams through the financial crisis and Basel 3 changes. As Head of Investor Relations of a SocGen, he led financial communication, relationship with investors, sell side et al., pushing through digital transformation.

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