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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Financial and ESG Research for Better Investment Performance

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On a normal day, portfolio managers and analysts receive dozens if not hundreds of pieces of financial and ESG content in the form of emails, calls, documents, etc… shared by the sell side, internal colleagues, issuers, and others. This overload of content is often impossible to organize and make sense of through human cognitive acquisition.

Naturally, critical insights that can determine the outcome of an investments are missed. This represents a significant waste of value and money, not because of the poor quality of the information, but mostly because the information is not organized and easily retrievable for future consumption.

Historically, users have been using Microsoft Outlook as their proxy for a centralized repository for financial and ESG content, but Outlook is not made for that. Not only good search results are difficult to obtain, but it is also difficult to organize the information into areas of interest. Furthermore, Outlook is prone to noise, as users often get hundreds of pushed emails with irrelevant information for their investment activities.  

When information is not retrievable or available in Outlook, users don’t have any other choice navigate through:

  • shared drives with folder structures that are difficult to comprehend and/or
  • different websites with divergent user interfaces and experiences

These efforts use meaningful time that cannot be applied to make sense of the information and drive investment quality and performance.

The solution is a centralized repository for Financial and ESG content of all sources (internal & external), enabling users to easily store, share, tag, organize, search, filter, and get notified of any content that is relevant to them and/or their organizations

These actions (store, share, tag, search, etc..) should be also possible directly from their applications of choice for content creation (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc…), communication (Outlook, Teams, etc…), and search (Google, Bing, etc…). This workflow not only maximizes users’ time but also provides a frictionless experience for optimal cognitive acquisition, driving better investment quality and performance.

Our newly launched Microsoft Word add-in is another important step to help asset managers to further unlock the full potential of financial and ESG content. More steps to come… 


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Word Add-In

From Microsoft Word & PowerPoint (point of creation) users can tag, upload and share any type of research notes via customized templates in a few clicks

screenshot of computer screen showing a form.


Users define in detail which research is of importance to them, including the ability to track research based on keywords and portfolios.

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Research Feed

Relevant research can be discovered through a personalized feed and advanced search and filtering. One click access via a side panel.

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