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Robust ESG Engagement Process, a Must-Have for the ESG labelling  

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ESG Labelling

In Europe alone, there are multiple ESG labels and principles that asset managers aim to obtain for their products and commit to toward their investors. It includes Label ISR in France, FNG-Siegel in Germany, Luxfag in Luxembourg, Towards Sustainability in Belgium, Umwelzeichen in Austria, Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the Nordics, Label Greenfin, and of course the famous Principle for Responsible Investment. 

ESG labelling is also likely to become a new practice at the EU Level, covering Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) pillars. 

While it is difficult to keep track of the evolving requirements of each label and principles, the common trend is that product labelling is increasingly requiring a thorough and documented ESG Engagement process. 

Building a robust and comprehensive process for ESG tracking requires deep automation and easy integration, with your systems, combined with good user experience.  

Deep automation ensures that your engagement data is easily captured and standardized and reported in a streamlined way. 

Easy Integration means that engagement data is easily accessible by human and machine-readable means i.e., Widgets, Web Applications, APIs, etc…. 

User experience ensures that users can upload engagement data directly from the applications that they use every day i.e., Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and do it with the minimum number of click on a friendly interface.

That is what we stand for, creating and providing robust solutions that significantly improve productivity through automation, integration, and customization at scale, while significantly lowering operating costs and providing superior user experience. 

ResearchPool value add-on solutions can cost as low as 50€ per user per month.  


Outlook-Add in

Microsoft Outlook

Directly from Outlook, users can log and tag any events and relevant metadata that they deem relevant for the investment process.

Issuer Web Page

A single place where all financial and ESG information related to the relevant issuer can be easily found including broker and internal research, news, activities and cases. 

ESG Reporting

Customizable Reporting

Fully customisable, automated and intra -day reporting that can be delivered at predefined schedule through email and sFTP