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Research Management V2 – Simplifying, Reducing Costs & Creating Value

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Since the implementation of research unbundling under MiFID II on 3 Jan 2018, client practices and needs have significantly evolved, and positively so.

Back in 2017 and 2018 many believed that research consumption would become granular, with users picking and choosing the exact package and service they wanted to use.

Five years on and the reality is substantially different. Increasingly, research service providers and asset managers set up contractual relationships without consumption caps, which effectively is the simplest solution to address the operational challenges that would arise from managing consumption and invoicing on a granular basis.

Software solutions purchased to deal with granular consumption have been of limited value for the research management process, let alone for the investment process. Research services are now mostly funded via P&L. These six figures complex software solutions are now being decommissioned or made redundant. Asset managers are planning to make better use of their limited financial resources.

Our enhanced and combined research and investment management solutions are a strong alternative. They provide flexible, tailor-made solutions to manage research consumption and other asset management workflow aspects.

One example of the latter is the optimization of meeting attendance, where one user can discover a planned meeting with a sell-side analyst or corporate booked by someone else within the organization and join the meeting booking in a few clicks. The other is the ability to link and share a past sell side or corporate meeting note with others to help inform their investment decision-making process.

All ResearchPool workflow and research management solutions are flexible and fully customizable, at a fraction of the prevailing market prices.

We look forward to helping you to simplify your workflow, at a reduced cost.


Outlook add-in screenshot

Outlook Add-In

Directly from Outlook, users can log and tag any issuer interaction either intermediated by a sell-side or as a result of a direct engagement.

Event calendar from screenshot

Web Calendar

Users can discover all the past and future events organized with the issuer and join any meeting of interest to them.

visualization dashboard showing bar charts and pie charts

Data Viz

Customizable reporting on research services consumption enables managers to quickly make sense of the data and drive optimization decisions.