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EURUSD medium

EUR/USD MACD is still constructive and support at 1.1167. Hence, while above there chances are of another move higher towards 1.1331, possibly 1.1450-1.1544. Below 1.1167 to avert upside instead open deeper downside to 1.1110, likely 1.1019

EURSEK medium

EUR/SEK the top of the bull channel has held succesfully and the suggested correction is underway, we see a downside to to 10.500, likely 10.295-10.391. A break above 10.751 to open a test of the bull channel top.

EURCHF medium

EUR/CHF MACD is very bearish, resistance at 1.1186. Hence, we see a dip to 1.1050, possibly 1.1012. Above 1.1186 to question downside.

EURCAD medium

EUR/CAD has resistance at 1.4802 and MACD is bearish. Hence, we see downside to 1.4531, possibly 1.4399. Above 1.4802 to open 1.5034.

USDJPY short

USD/JPY resistance at 108.01, MACD and RSI are looking to weaken. Hence, we see a dip to 107.48, likely 107.05. Above 108.01 to open 108.37.

USDRUB medium

USD/RUB MACD is weakening and resistance at 64.00, hence we see a dip to 60.99, possibly 60.19. Above 65.00 to question downside.

USDCHF medium

USD/CHF resistance at 1.0057 and MACD is primarily bearish. Hence, we see a dip to .9849, possibly 0.9792. Above 1.0057 to question downside instead open 1.0108.

NZDUSD medium

NZD/USD MACD and RSI have started to improve but resistance comes in at .6746. Hence, we expect a dip back to 0.6610, possibly 0.6547. Above 0.6746 to question downside instead raise chances of a medium-term reversal.

AUDNZD medium

AUD/NZD has resistance at 1.0570 and MACD is bearish. Hence, we see downside to 1.0373, possibly 1.0300. Above 1.0570 to question downside.

AUDUSD medium

AUD/USD support at 0.6920 and MACD is still turning bullish. Hence, we may see a bounce to 0.7098, possibly 0.7200. Below 0.6920 to question upside in favour of 0.6830.

EURNOK medium

EUR/NOK MACD and RSI are weak and resistance now lies at 9.7033. Hence, we see a dip to 9.5000, likely 9.4429. Above 9.7033 to open 9.7633-9.8267 test

EURJPY short

EUR/JPY has resistance at 121.79 and MACD is bearish. Hence, we see a dip to 121.16. Above 121.79 to open 122.14

GBPUSD medium

GBP/USD MACD is primarily bearish, resistance at 1.2584. Hence, while below we expect a decline to 1.2421, possibly 1.2243. Above 1.2584 to question immediate downside instead open 1.2775.

GBPJPY medium

GBP/JPY resistance at 136.52 and MACD is bearish. Hence, we see a decline to 133.51, possibly 132.41. Above 136.52 to question downside instead open 137.48 test.

EURGBP medium

EUR/GBP MACD is bottoming out just above the zero lineand support at 0.8950. Hence, we may see a bounce to 0 9177, likely .9236. Below .8950 is needed to question upside in favor of .8820, likely .8757.

USDZAR medium

USD/ZAR has resistance at 14.169 and MACD is weak. Hence, chances are for a dip to 13.576, possibly 13.254. Above 14.169 to avert downside instead open 14.641

EURZAR medium

EUR/ZAR resistance at 16.000 and MACD is bearish. Hence, we see a dip back to 15.407, likely 15.000. Above 16.000 to avert downside instead open 16.460.

EURCHF short

EUR/CHF resistance at 1.1100, MACD and RSI though improving lacks upside momentum. Hence, we see a dip to 1.1050. Above 1.1100 to open 1.1132.

EURUSD short

EUR/USD support at 1.1200, MACD and RSI are bullish. Hence, we look for a bounce to 1.1323. Below 1.1200 to open 1.1167.

AUDCAD medium

AUD/CAD MACD is bearish and we will need a break above .9256 to open a chances of a rally to .9415. While below .9256 risk remain for another move lower to .9000, possibly .8874.

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