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HCA Healthcare, Inc.: Update to credit analysis following upgrade of senior secured rating to Baa3

HCA's credit profile reflects its significant scale and stable operating cash flow, offset by its concentration of revenue in Texas and Florida and its shareholder friendly policies.

Reset: Octagon Investment Partners XXI, Ltd.: Pre-Sale Report

This pre-sale report provides a detailed rating rationale for the transaction.

AUDCAD medium

AUD/CAD MACD has turned negative and a head and shoulders type top is completed hence we may see a dip to .9362, possibly .9256. Above .9641 to avert a deeper dip,instead open .9782, possibly .9849-.9915

NOKSEK medium

NOK/SEK MACD is forming a base and support at 1.0438. Hence, we may see an upside to 1.0620, possibly 1.0695-1.0750. Below 1.0438 to open 1.0252-1.0330.

EURRUB medium

EUR/RUB MACD is looking to turn up from near the zero line and support at 74.31. Hence, we see a bounce to 77.75, possibly 79.73. Below 74.31 is needed to question upside.

AUDNZD medium

AUD/NZD has support at 1.0539 and MACD has turned bullish. Hence, we may see an upside to 1.0695, likely 1.0784-1.0847. Below 1.0539 to open 1.0436.

EURSEK medium

EUR/SEK resistance lies at 10.391 and momentum is still fairly weak. Hence, we see a dip to 10.127, possibly 10.000. Above 10.391 to question downside.

NZDUSD medium

NZD/USD MACD and RSI have a bearish bias and resistance lies at .6850. Hence, we see a dip to .6610-.6693, possibly .6512-.6565. Above .6850 to open .6920-.7000

EURJPY medium

EUR/JPY support at 123.37 and MACD bottoming. Hence, we see a bounce to 125.73, possibly 126.97. Below 123.37 to open downside

EURJPY short

EUR/JPY has broken the resistance line and support comes in at 124.00. Hence, we see a bounce to to 125.73. Below 124.00 to open 123.37

GBPCHF medium

GBP/CHF completed a base and MACD has turned positive. Hence, we may see an upside to 1.2892, possibly 1.2983. But while below there a correction to 1.2595 is likely. Expect moves to be choppy over the coming weeks.

GBPJPY medium

GBP/JPY MACD continues to weaken, hence we see risk of a further dip to 137.48, possibly 135.63. Above 141.53 to avert a downside, instead open a bigger correction.

EURCHF short

EUR/CHF support comes in at 1.1255, MACD and RSI are improving. Hence, we see a bounce to 1.1360, possibly 1.1412. Below 1.1255 to open 1.1199

EURCHF medium

EUR/CHF A choppy range may ensue but while above 1.1199, we expect an upside to 1.1489, possibly 1.1576. Below 1.1199 to open a deeper dip.

AUDUSD medium

AUD/USD MACD is looking to bottom but while below .7304 there is risk of another move lower towards .6921 , possibly .6830. Above .7304 to open an upside to .7350-.7407, possibly .7440-.7494.

AUDUSD short

AUD/USD resistance at 0.7215 and MACD and RSI have a bearish bias. Hence, we expect a dip to 0.7147, possibly .7100. Above 0.7215 to open 0.7235, possibly 0.7275

EURUSD short

EUR/USD support at 1.1370, RSI and MACD are both looking to bottom. Hence, we may see a rise to 1.1488. Below 1.1370 to open 1.1307.

EURUSD medium

EUR/USD failure to break clear of 1.1544 raises chances of another dip to the base os the bear channel but MACD and RSI are both improving and hence while within the channel we expect an upside to 1.1651, possibly top of the channel. Below 1.1260 to avert upside.

USDCHF medium

USD/CHF MACD is bottoming and .9740 has provided support. Hence, while above .9792 we expect a bounce to .9947, likely 1.0008. A break below .9792 to change outlook.

USDCHF short

USD/CHF resistance at .9949 and MACD is topping. Hence, we see a dip to .9849. Above .9949 to open 1.0008

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