Peter Goodburn
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The Navigator - FX - US$ Dollar Revivial - 7th Year Cycle Forecasts - Catalonia & IBEX-35 - Dow Theory Update!

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Much has been written in the past about cycles, their repetition and varying rhythms governing all manner of Nature’s physical manifestations, from population growths, weather patterns and of course, the realm of economics and the financial markets. W.D. Gann’s Financial Time-table detailed a discernible rhythm of alternating degrees of stock market strength and weakness and before this, the idea and conception of seasonal recurrences have remained part of the market’s inquiries ever since Samuel Benner published his ‘Prophesies’ in 1877. 

There’s still some concern about a possible Armageddon collapse in the stock market so we’ll be taking a look to see if any bearish divergences are working according to (Charles) Dow Theory.

Catalonia’s call for Spanish independence has featured heavily in the news recently, so this report takes an updated look at Spain’s IBEX-35 index to see if Elliott Wave patterns clarify its next major direction.

The MSCI Emerging Market and China’s Enterprises indices feature at a sensitive time following impressive gains and in the run-up to China’s 19th Party Conference.

We also update the ten stock market sectors in our portfolio before concluding with updates for several peripheral currency pairs/crosses, USD/CAD, US$/BRL, US$/ZAR, US$/MXN, US$/PLZ and US$/RMB. For interest rate analysis, please refer to the EW-Navigator Supplemental reports.


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Peter Goodburn

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