GS Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. - Also featuring: KBW Banking Index

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. [GS:NYSE] - Also featuring: KBW Banking Index

Special report featuring target price levels for this equity - with a short-, medium- and long-term outlook.


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​WaveTrack International provides bespoke intelligence for Asset Management Corporations, Pension Funds, Total/Absolute-Return/ Hedge Funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Corporate and Market-Making/Trading institutions. The ‘deterministic’ qualities of the methodology used often translates into results that are dynamic and – outside consensus estimates. This is suitable for individuals who seek unbiased market research which is ‘technical, quantitative and strategic’ for their investment decision making. WaveTrack’s analysis and research is especially relevant for medium/long-term investment strategies.

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