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QUEST HOLDINGS Earnings Estimates Update, July 13, 2018

Quest Holdings S.A. operates into 5 business segments: IT Products (Wholesale and Retail), IT Services, Courier & Postal, Financial Transactions and Energy.

Quest Holdings SA

Quest Holdings SA, formerly Info-Quest SA, is a Greece-based information technology (IT) and telecommunication solutions provider. Its main activities include the digital technology industry, with activities across the entire spectrum of the ICT market, from the manufacture and distribution of products to the design, application and support of Integrated IT Solutions for large organizations in the private and public sectors. Quest Holdings coordinates its activities in this market via the strongest companies in the field: Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems and iSquare. In the Green Energy sector, the Group implements large investment projects on electricity production from renewable sources with licensed power exceeding 400 MW regarding more than 30 wind and photovoltaic parks. In this market, Quest Holdings is active through Quest Energy and its subsidiaries. At the same time, the Group is also active in the Courier Services sector, through ACS.




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