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COSCO SHIP.EN.TRSP.CTD. reduced its risk exposure resulting in an upgrade to Positive

COSCO SHIP.EN.TRSP.CTD. (CN), a company active in the Marine Transportation industry, reduced its market risk and raised its general evaluation. The independent financial analyst theScreener awarded an improved star rating to the company, which now shows 4 out of 4 possible stars; its market behaviour has improved and can be considered as defensive. theScreener believes that this new assessment merits an overall rating upgrade to Positive. As of the analysis date September 27, 2019, the closing price was CNY 7.47 and its potential was estimated at CNY 8.45.
China Shipping Development Co. Ltd.

COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co is an investing holding company engaged in the cargo shipping business which mainly consists of the shipment of oil and dry bulk cargoes (primarily coal) along the coastal region of the People's Republic of China and internationally. Co.'s main scope of business includes: investment holding; coastal sea, ocean and Yangtze River cargo transportation; vessel chartering; cargo forwarding and cargo transportation agency services; purchase and sale of ships; repair and construction of containers; ship spare parts purchase and sale agency services; and consultancy and transfer of shipping technology.


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