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ODDO BHF Small & MIDCAP MORNING NEWS - 03/08/2019 Date Performance since listing Date Performance since listing

Sixt Leasing, an independent player in the German vehicle leasing and fleet management market, stands out for its strong momentum in the online retail and fleet management segments and its capacity to handle the diesel risk effectively. These strengths should pave the way for buoyant growth over the coming years (2018-2021e CAGR of +8% for revenue and 15% for pre-tax profit) and a rerating of the stock (target price € 18.1, i.e. 34% upside). We are initiating coverage of the stock wit...

Albioma is an independent energy producer that develops projects in the thermal biomass, solar power, and anaerobic digestion sectors. Co. provides industrial partners with expertise in energy production via hybrid combustion of biomass. In addition, Co. produces biogas by biological decomposition of organic matter in a confined oxygen-free medium, which it either converts into electricity and heat or purifies and then injects into the gas transmission network. It operates facilities on Reunion Island, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guyana, mainland France and Southern Europe. Co. divides its operation into three segments: Thermal Biomass, Solar Power, and Anaerobic Digestion.


CGG is a global participant in the geophysical seismic industry. Co. manufactures geophysical equipment and provides marine, land, and airborne data acquisition services. Co. also provides geosciences services, including data imaging, seismic data characterization, geosciences and petroleum engineering consulting services, and collecting, developing and licensing geological data. Co.'s clients are in oil and gas exploration and production industies. Co. divides its activities into four segments: Equipment, Contractual Data Acquisition, Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir (GGR), and Non-Operated Resources, including eight business lines, six Corporate functions, and four Group Departments.

Devoteam S.A.

Devoteam is an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) consulting group. Co. specializes in technologies of IT infrastructures, middleware and telecommunication networks. Co. covers the technical, organizational and financial aspects of its clients' projects. It is subdivided into two business line segments. The Technology Consulting segment handles the design and implementation of solutions. This segment operates in three areas: expertise, systems integration and outsourcing under the DVO and DVS brands. The Business Consulting segment can be defined as the provision of skills to companies and organizations, under the Devoteam Consulting brand.

Elior Group

Elior is a contracted food and support services group based in France. Co. provides personalized catering and service solutions to 3.7 million customers in the business & industry, education, healthcare, leisure and travel markets through 17,500 restaurants and points of sale in 13 countries. Co. offer solutions in two core segments, Contract Catering & Support Services (provides foodservice solutions to Business & Industry, Education and Healthcare as well as support services for facilities management and cleaning services) and Concession Catering & Travel Retail (food service solutions for motorways, airports, railway stations and leisure).

Elis SA

Elis is a multi-service group in the rental, laundry and maintenance of textile, hygiene and well-being items in Europe and Latin America. Co. serves hundreds of thousands of customers of all sizes, belonging to various professional customer segments: hospitality, healthcare, industry, trade and services. Co. also has a manufacturing business carried out by two entities, Le Jacquard FranASSais and Kennedy Hygiene Products which together form one of the company's operating segments.


Eurazeo is a listed investment company in Europe. Co. invests in French or other European companies in which it can exercise influence. Co. divides its operaion in five divisions: Holding company, Eurazeo Capital, Eurazeo PME, Eurazeo Croissance, and Eurazeo Patrimoine. Holding company focuses on investment in non-consolidated fund business; Eurazeo Capital invests in companies valued over Euro150,000,000 to Euro200,000,000; Eurazeo PME invests in enterprises valued at less than Euro150,000,000 to Euro200,000,000; Eurazeo Croissance targets companies with high growth potential in promising markets; and Eurazeo Patrimoine groups Co.'s real estate asset management and investment activities.


Gaztransport & Technigaz is an engineering company specialized in membrane containment systems for liquefied gas transport and storage. Co. designs and markets technologies which combine operational efficiency and safety to equip liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, LNG floating platforms and multi-gas transport vessels. Co. also provides solutions for onshore storage tanks and the use of LNG as a fuel for vessels propulsion as well as a wide range of services in engineering, consultancy, training, maintenance assistance and technical studies at each stage of the liquefied gas chain.

Id Logistics SAS

ID Logistics is an international contract logistics group that designs and implements one-stop services tailored to the specific requirements of each client. The services Co. offers combine customized architectures to allow clients to optimize their supply chain.

Interparfums SA

Interparfums SA, also known as Interparfums, is a French-based company engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of fragrances. The Company designs, produces and distributes perfumes and cosmetics under such brands as Burberry, Boucheron, Burberry Beauty, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Montblanc, Nickel, Paul Smith, Repetto, S.T. Dupont and Van Cleef & Arpels, Karl Lagerfeld, among others. The Company is present in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, among others. The Company operates through the subsidiaries, including Interparfums Suisse Sarl, Interparfums Deutschland GmbH, Interparfums Srl, Interparfums Ltd, Interparfums Luxury Brands and Interparfums Singapore. As of December 31, 2013 the Company's shareholder was InterParfums Holding with 73,1% stake in the Company.


Savencia is a transformer of milk centered on cheese, dairy specialties, and on dairy ingredients. Co.'s operations are divided into two segments: the Cheese Products segment and the Other Dairy Products segment. In the Cheese Products segment, Co. manufactures and distributes cheeses and cheese specialties. In the Other Dairy Products segment, Co. manufactures and distributes modern butters and long-life creams both for final consumers and professional users, manufactures technical butters and specialized dairy proteins for industrial markets, and manufactures aseptically packaged products.

Serge Ferrari Group SAS

Sergeferrari Group SAS is a France-based company, which produces flexible composite materials. It designs and produces such products as performance building materials (tensile architecture, bioclimatic facade, solar protection and acoustic solutions), advanced materials (modular structures, agro-energy and environmental protection) and design & outdoor materials (yachting protection, contract and outdoor furniture, awnings and canopies, visual communication and ecolodge). Beyond products, Sergeferrari Group SAS is also committed to providing support to its customers, skilled technical resources supporting customers, application advice aiming at specified sales and suitable technical documents, by providing training to customers. It operates through Giofex.

Soitec S.A.

Soitec is a manufacturer of silicon and integrated circuits. Co. offers products based on Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI), which serves to support the manufacturing of more energy-efficient integrated circuits. Co.'s operations can be divided into three divisions: Electronics, Solar Energy and Lighting. The Electronics division manufactures and sells substrates and components intended for the microelectronics industry; the Solar Energy division manufactures and sells photovoltaic modules, designs and constructs turnkey projects, and operates photovoltaic power plants; and the Lighting division isolates resources to develop materials designed for the production of light emitting diodes.


Teleperformance is engaged in outsourced customer experience management. Co. delivers integrated solutions to corporations and administrative bodies worldwide to manage all aspects of the customer-relations cycle on their behalf. Co.'s activities include four core business areas: customer care (these are services provided as part of customer service management); technical support; debt collection; and business information and marketing actions. As of Dec. 31, 2013, Co. had approximately 110,000 computerized workstations across 46 countries. Co.'s client includes industries like Telecoms, Internet, Financial services, Technology/media, Insurance, Government sector and Utilities.

Vetoquinol SA

V?toquinol is a global player in the animal health sector, serving both the livestock (cattle and pigs) and pet (dogs and cats) markets. Co. designs, develops, and sells veterinary drugs and non-medicinal products in Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region, as an independent entity. Co. is also active in the therapeutic fields of anti-infectives, pain-inflammation and cardiology-nephrology treatment. As of Dec 31 2013, Co.'s product portfolio included brands such as Aurizon®, Epiphen®, Ipakitine®, Marbocyl®, Propalin®, Tolf?dine®, Tolfine®, Clavaseptin®, and Vetprofen®. Co.'s brands are V?toquinol, Tomlyn, and Evsco in the U.S.A. and Equistro for the horse range.

Vilmorin & Cie

Vilmorin & Cie SA is engaged in the production, marketing and sale of vegetable and crop seeds for agricultural production and market gardeners. The Vegetable seeds division is involved in the production and sale of vegetable seeds under the brand names, such as Hazera-Nickerson, Vilmorin SA, HM.Clause and Mikado Kyowa Seed, among others, intended for the professional food market, including market gardeners, processors, and specialists in canning, specialists in deep-freezing and freeze-drying. The Field Seeds division is focused on field seeds, including corn, straw cereals, grape and sunflower seeds for European and American clients. The Garden Products division is structured around two companies, Vilmorin Jardin and Suttons. In March 15, 2013, it acquired the Bisco Bio Sciences of India. In October 2013, it announced that it has recently taken over Shamrock. In November 2013, it acquired Eureka Seeds Inc. In March 2014, it acquired Seed Asia based in Bangkok.

Zealand Pharma A/S

Zealand Pharma is a biotechnology company. Co. is engaged in the discovery development and commercialization of peptide-based medicines. Co.'s pipeline comprises two implementation areas: Cardio-metabolic diseases and Other indications. The Cardio-metabolic diseases area includes medicines for diabetes and obesity treatment, such as Lyxumia (Lixisenatide), Lyxumia/Lantus, ZP2929 and Danegaptide. The Other indications area are ZP1848, Elsiglutide and ZP1480 (ABT-719) drugs for inflammatory bowel disease, chemotherapy-induced diarrhea and acute kidney injury treatment.


​Oddo Securities provides securities brokerage and research services. The company offers equity, economic, and derivatives research and credit analysis services. It focuses on insurance, automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, information technology, and agri-food industries.

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