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MOSL: THE CORNER OFFICE (HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES) — Fuelling the growth engines-Supporting sustenance of revenue growth

THE CORNER OFFICE (Hexaware Technologies) Fuelling the growth engines; Supporting sustenance of revenue growth outperformance


Mr R Srikrishna, CEO & Executive Director

Mr R Srikrishna (Keech) is the CEO of Hexaware Technologies.

Prior to Hexaware, he served in HCL for over 20 years as the President of two units – Healthcare and Lifesciences and Infrastructure Services. He was instrumental in growing these units to multibillion dollar businesses.

Mr Srikrishna joined Hexaware in 2014. Since then, he is dedicated towards delivering world-class services to customers, and ensuring employee satisfaction, thereby creating and sustaining long-term profitable growth.

 We met Mr R Srikrishna, CEO of Hexaware (HEXW), to discuss the company’s strategic focus, given dramatic shifts in the consumption of technology services. Since the beginning of his leadership role at HEXW, the company has focused on transformation and has recently enhanced its strategy to define its journey over the next few years. Our key takeaways:

 Legacy pressures seen across the industry

  • Over the past three years, HEXW's revenue growth has outperformed that of peers on an organic basis, led by its 'Shrink IT, Grow Digital' strategy.
  • The burden of legacy has been weighing upon service vendors, to a larger extent for the larger ones, as deals erode in value to the tune of ~30% at the time of renewal.
  • HEXW too has exposure to legacy business - application management, on-premise ERP, manual testing and business intelligence.
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