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John Williams as Vice Chairman?

John Williams, president of the San Francisco Fed, is reportedly now being considered for Vice Chair of the
Federal Reserve Board. In that case, he would join Larry Lindsey on the short list, with Rich Clarida reportedly
no longer under consideration. Williams would be an excellent choice; indeed, it is hard to think of anyone
better qualified and better prepared. We suspect that Yellen, as well as John Taylor, provided a list of
candidates to Trump. Williams would have been at the top of both lists. Both Yellen and Taylor have longtime
relationships with Williams:....
Monetary Policy Analytics
Monetary Policy Analytics

Led by former Federal Reserve Board Governor, Larry Meyer, Monetary Policy Analytics is an independent research firm focused on the macro economy, FOMC policy and interest rates. Our research is used by some of the world's largest hedge funds, fixed income asset managers, pension fund managers, currency desks, insurance companies and money center banks. The written commentary is outlined below:

Macro Views - A thematic presentation of Monetary Policy Analytic’s U.S. forecast that links our forecast of the key macro variables to monetary policy actions and market developments.

FOMC Briefing & Statement Comments - Timely, comprehensive commentaries interpreting and analyzing the implications of all FOMC communications.

Rates - Analysis and projections of the Fed's balance sheet, term premium, R* and their affects on the broader fixed income markets.

Weekly Update - Each week we publish an update based on incoming data.

In addition to the above, our clients may receive direct access to Larry Meyer and our team of Senior Economists and Senior Advisers via phone, email, conference call and in-person meetings.

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