Pietro Gasparri, CIIA, CEFA

GPI - An integrated partner to ensure health and wellbeing


GPI SpA is an Italy-based company engaged in the software industry. The Company focus on the designing solutions for health and social assistance sectors. It offers business intelligence and data warehousing, Website tools, e-commerce and e-payment systems, solutions for integrated building management, infrastructures and technical services, healthcare call and contact centers solutions, pharmaceutical supply, home automation, home care assistance and integrated information systems, among others. The Company serves local healthcare organizations, public and private hospitals, residential care homes, social cooperatives, local authorities, small and medium entities, banks and department stores, among others. It operates through Info Line Srl and Bim Italia.

ESN Partnership
ESN Partnership

ESN is a multi-local partnership of banks and brokerage firms which creates common standards of cooperation in equity research and sales.  Founded in 1998, ESN is an equally owned company since 2002 and today counts on 8 members in the main European Countries:

  • Banca Akros (Italy);
  • GVC Gaesco Beka (Spain);
  • Caixa - Banco de Investimento (Portugal);
  • CM-CIC Market Solutions (France);
  • equinet Bank (Germany);
  • Investment Bank of Greece (Greece);
  • OP Corporate Bank (Finland);
  • NIBC Bank (The Netherlands).

Banca Akros                      

 ESN Members share a common goal that is providing the best independent local research and sales service on companies listed in their respective markets, while maintaining independence and distinct responsibilities. ESN offer includes on a daily basis research products, information and execution capability in all main European equity markets, marketing support through seminars, road-shows, etc. The ESN unique pan-European service is now counting on the following competitive advantages:

  • 8 Members in 8 countries
  • 550 companies covered in Europe, all in an unique proprietary database
  •  90 analysts, as a single pan-European team
  •  130 multi-local equity sales acting as the client's home reference desk
  •  500 company and analyst roadshows per year
  •  In-depth local research covering blue chips and small & mid caps. Publication of pan-European equities sector reports, strategy reports, in-depth company reports and daily updates, etc.
  •  Execution capability across European markets.
  • Marketing support through seminars, road-shows and one-to-one with European companies and sector coordinators and analysts.

Pietro Gasparri, CIIA, CEFA

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