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Global Inflation July 2019

Asian goods exporters appear to have taken a significant hit to their profitability over the
past few months as a response to the impact of punitive tariffs. Accordingly, North
American and European consumers have been shielded from their effects. Meanwhile
service sector inflation continues to creep higher in most regions and contexts.

Economic Perspectives
Economic Perspectives

Economic Perspectives is a trusted provider of global macroeconomic and financial research with clients in North America, Asia and the UK.

EP research weaves complex and diverse information into coherent macro narratives, providing clear analysis and original market insights for global investors. Our clients benefit from our long experience in connecting economic developments with the credit and financial market outlook.

The analysis of developments in global private sector credit markets is fundamental to our understanding of the global economic and financial outlook. However, the actions and interventions of central banks and government have become increasingly important to our economic assessment.

For several years we have maintained that the only credible resolution of the 2008 global credit crisis is a resurgence of global inflation. We take an eclectic approach to the inflation outlook, considering political and socio-economic factors alongside macroeconomic drivers. We provide the multi-dimensional appraisal of the inflation outlook that is critical to formulating a successful investment strategy, at a time when inflation complacency is rife.

We offer our research on a subscription basis or as a bespoke consultancy service. Our publications reflect our research agenda, shaped by the issues raised in client meetings. Our bespoke work tackles research projects of particular interest to our clients and is delivered as written reports or presentations.

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