JUFO.CA Juhayna Food Industries

A director sold 243,100 shares at 0.000EGP and

A director at Juhayna Food Industries sold 243,100 shares at 0.000EGP and the significance rating of the trade was 57/100.
Is that information sufficient for you to make an investment decision?
This report gives details of those trades and adds context and analysis to them such that you can judge whether these trading decisions are ones worth following.

Included in the report is a detailed share price chart which plots discretionary trades by all the company's directors over the last two years clearly showing Close periods where trading activity is restricted under listing rules.

The names of board members along with their holdings are detailed together with some company fundamentals for the last three years where available. In addition, Directors Deals scores each Director according to the performance of their past trades. This tells you which Directors are the most successful at picking the time to buy and sell shares. In addition to director 'Scoring' data, we give each trade a star rating according to the significance of the trade. The star rating is derived from a statistical value which accounts for a number of factors which are weighted according to our analysis of past trades. These two statistical measures are a proven means of establishing which trades and which directors are worth taking into account when analysing director trading as a guide to future share performance.

As a specialist provider of investment grade financial data, Directors Deals does not issue stock recommendations but aims to contextualise and present data so that investors can draw their own conclusions from director trading activity. Directors Deals Ltd does not accept any responsibility for losses incurred through investment decisions made as a result of these reports.
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​Directors Deals is a specialist market data vendor which monitors and analyses trades made by the directors of listed companies. Sometimes known as Insider Data, senior managers and directors report their share trades to the regulator in each market as are a legal means to invest in the company they work for. Investment managers can use this data to gauge the future share price performance based on the Directors implied opinion through the trades executed. However, not every director trade offers insight which is where a specialist service can help make sense of the data. Our data covers fifty-five markets globally and includes data fields beyond that which is reported to the regulator. This adds context and analysis to the transactions such as insight into directors past trading success and other personal attributes.

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