​Many sell-side broking firms continue to intensify their focus on large cap stocks because they are stuck in the mindset that higher liquidity drives their turnover (exacerbated by commission compression), despite ignoring buy-side client requests that being the 20th analyst on a stock adds no value to their investment process. At Analogica KK we understand there is an ever widening gap between the buy and sell-side and we are filling the void.

Analogica KK's sole independent stock research focus is to look to the thousands of uncovered and undiscovered small-mid cap companies in Japan which are taking advantage of decades of staid business practice conducted by long time revered large cap companies. While small-mid cap coverage is very limited in the Japanese market we believe that experience is also a must to find emerging leaders. Analogica KK also researches thematics, politics, geopolitics and structural change and the impacts to industry.

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