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No Need to Reinvent the Wheel to Lower Technology Costs & Improve Margins

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With margins increasingly under pressure due to passive investments, and market conditions, among other reasons, the need to reduce costs has become an everyday challenge. 
One of the solutions, if not the solution, is to leverage a technology platform like Microsoft’s or Google’s and bring in highly integrated add-ons that expand that technology platform to the management of financial and ESG content, data, and activities.
Every unit spent in the annual budget probably has a good reason. But the real question is whether it delivers the best value for money.
Your organization is probably equipped with multiple software systems, market data feeds and terminals, cloud providers, etc…The list seems to never-end and keeps growing year after year. Not only does their cost amount to many millions; but the administrative burden associated also looks insurmountable.
It could be surprising how a technology platform like Microsoft’s associated with highly integrated add-ons can deliver the scalability and customization in a frictionless way that you and your users have been after for some time. 
Microsoft users have been using Outlook, Word, Excel, etc every business day for many years. An Add is just an extension of those Microsoft products to deal with financial and ESG content, data, and activities.
This could significantly decrease your technology costs. ReseachPool add-ons cost as little as 50€/£ per user per month. 
This will also transform your technology set-up into a leaner, agile, and constantly updated framework.


outlook screenshot

Word, Outlook, PowerPoint Add-in

From Microsoft Office Add-ins (point users can tag, upload, and share activities and reports via templates in a few clicks

dashboard reporting

PowerBI for Data Viz and Reporting 

Customizable, intra-day updated, and ready-to-be-used reporting for internal and external purposes