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New French Rules for Responsible Investment Labelling Approved! 

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ESG Labelling

Yesterday, French Finance approved the new rules for responsible investment labeling of funds and managed accounts distributed in France. Some of the areas where rules will become considerably more demanding are shareholder engagement, controversies management, and voting.

Among other things, asset managers will be required to establish a process to ensure that each engagement action is clearly addressed to the relevant issuer, with a goal and timeline.

Complying with these new requirements using Excel or other commonly available tools will not provide the level of automation, processing, and reliability that is expected and required.

Our solution enables users to log activities (emails, appointments, calls, etc…), upload documents and notes, and link them with Engagement and Controversies Cases directly from Microsoft Outlook, removing a significant part of the friction for users to log the relevant data.

The information and data on engagement and controversies also become easily retrievable and accessible via our web application.

It also provides automated and customizable reporting on ESG Engagement activities and cases.

Make your ESG label compliance easy, automated, and reliable with ResearchPool solutions.

Please find a link to the public announcement


Outlook Addin

Microsoft Outlook

Directly from Outlook, users can log and tag any events and relevant metadata that they deem relevant for the investment process.

issuer page

Issuer Web Page

A single place where all financial and ESG information related to the relevant issuer can be easily found including broker and internal research, news, activities and cases.

ESG Reporting

Customizable Reporting

Fully customisable, automated and intra -day reporting that can be delivered at predefined schedule through email and sFTP