IHS Markit Partnership

ResearchPool launches strategic collaboration with IHS Markit for investment research discovery and management solutions

Transition to ResearchPool

ResearchPool and IHS Markit have announced a strategic collaboration to give IHS Markit’s institutional investor customers access to ResearchPool’s advanced solutions for investment research, content discovery and interactions management.

IHS Markit’s institutional investor customers have been invited to connect to the ResearchPool community and benefit from ResearchPool’s solutions. 

Markit Hub users will have free access to ResearchPool’s Basic solution for professionals for the duration of the transition period.  The transition timetable can be found below.

Demonstrations for New Users

ResearchPool will host two webinars to demonstrate the ResearchPool Basic Account on 3 August 2021 and 5 August 2021, the first in English, the second in French.  The webinars will focus on how to set up research feeds, import internal research and record analyst and corporate access interactions.  

Book your place below. 

Démonstration de la plateforme ResearchPool pour les nouveaux utilisateurs

Mardi ,3 Août 2021

5.00pm CEST

ResearchPool Platform Demonstration for New Users

Thursday, 5 August 2021

4.30pm BST / 11.30am EDT

Introduction to ResearchPool

Transition Timetable



2-6 August 2021

ResearchPool opens access to Markit Hub users

2-6 August 2021

Markit Hub users emailed web app login details

2-6 August 2021

Free access to Basic Solution for Individuals starts

TBC ResearchPool Training Webinar (French)

ResearchPool Training Webinar (English)

Q3 2021

Onboarding of Markit Hub research providers to ResearchPool

30 September 2021

Markit Hub is retired

 Q4 2021 – Q1 2022

Free trial to Basic Solution for Individuals starts

Users select most appropriate ResearchPool service level:

  • Free access to the ResearchPool Marketplace
  • Basic Solution for Individuals
  • Advanced Solution for Teams
4 April 2022

Free trial ends and users transition to respective ResearchPool service

The ResearchPool Platform

Global Research Access

  • Access Broker research through our entitlement process.
  • Discover third-party provider investment research and market intelligence with transparent pricing through the ResearchPool Marketplace.
  • Research Management System stores your firm’s in-house research to encourage firm-wide collaboration and information sharing.

Interaction Management

  • Seamlessly simplifies the recording and tracking of your broker, independent research provider and corporate interactions whilst making them transparent, firm-wide.

Consumption Tracking

  • Provides accurate, traceable centralized data on your research consumption. 
  • The module collects and stores in real-time your firm-wide consumption data across all your selected research providers.

Budget Calculator

  • Simplify research budgets allocation.
  • Obtain comprehensive, real time-consumption data at any level within your firm, for example by team or by strategy.
  • Fully customizable  dashboard.



Research discovery for all
0 free access*
  • Content discovery & access
  • Smart search content


Basic solution for professionals
55 per user / per month*
  • Single professional user solution
  • Content discovery & access
  • Smart content search
  • Entitlement management
  • Email alerts management
  • Smart classifications / interests
  • Individual interactions management
  • Personal internal research storage
  • Billed at corporate level


Advanced solution for teams
120 per user / per month*
  • Team solution
  • Content discovery & access
  • Smart search content
  • Entitlement management
  • Email alerts management
  • Smart classifications / interests
  • Team interactions management
  • Firm-wide internal research storage
  • Team internal research distribution
  • Contract & budget management
  • Consumption analytics
  • Advanced organization administration
  • Billed at corporate level

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