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Linking Tickers to Issuers Made Easy!

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Reference Data and specifically the ability to link Bloomberg, Refinitiv, and/or exchange tickers to issuers has been and still is a headache for many asset managers.

Traditionally, market professionals have used tickers and short identifiers for a specific listing of security as a proxy for identifying issuers. But in fact, securities and issuers are 2 related but completely different objects.

The complexity in the relation between the 2 objects arises when the same issuer issues multiple securities that are listed on multiple exchanges, or when different data providers assign different tickers to the same security. This not only creates time-consuming reconciliation problems for middle and back offices, but also impedes the front-end office (portfolio managers, analysts, etc…) from having a holistic and organized view of all Financial and ESG information (content, data, and activities) available to efficiently manage their portfolios.

ResearchPool comprehensive reference data and user interface solutions enable users and 3rd party providers to log and upload any information using tickers and any other proxy issuer identifier while organizing and aggregating all the information at the issuer level for a holistic view.

Users can then make better sense of the data and make better investment decisions.

One Place for All your Issuer Related Information

Regardless of the tickers and other identifiers that your users and providers use, all information related to a specific issuer can be found on the same page, helping everyone within your organization to gain meaningful time. The reference data that links tickers and issuers can be also found via our API for 3rd application use.