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Generative AI on Sell Side Research Made Possible

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It is consensual that Generative AI like ChatGPT will be a productivity booster and the financial industry, and your organization could significantly benefit from this technology revolution. Recent studies found that workforce productivity can increase by an average of 14%.

One of the ways that Generative AI can significantly help is in generating investment insights on content-rich sell-side research in seconds. 

Today, your PMs and Analytics must spend countless hours per month browsing through numerous sell-side websites with limited filtering and searchability technology, reading the reports, and then eventually discovering some interesting insights.

A centralized database with the aggregated sell-side research that your or other Generative AI models can use is certainly one of the solutions to upscale your investment management team’s productivity.

The incremental value that you will create a Generative AI model applied to sell-side research will certainly make a difference in your alpha creation process and give you an edge vs. passive investment.

ResearchPool offers API access and entitlement management to 2M+ research reports from more than 300+ sell-side and independent research providers that you can you to apply your AI Generative models and/or with us to implement Open AI models into our aggregated sell-side research.  

This is what is all about ResearchPool, an enabler of superior user experience, productivity and leaner operating model.