Frequently Asked Questions

ResearchPool SAS is a Paris-based company that has developed and operates an innovative investment research technology platform that provides solutions to the buy-side, sell-side, corporates and private investors.

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Who can use ResearchPool’s marketplace?

Everyone can search the ResearchPool marketplace free-of-charge and see the title and summary of the reports from over 300 research providers.   Users may browse reports appropriate to their investor type and geographic location, in strict application of the provider’s distribution requirements.

Who owns ResearchPool SAS?

The company is a private company and is owned by its management team and angel investors. 

What tools does ResearchPool offer to investment research users?

ResearchPool allows the discovery of reports and interactions from investment research analysts through a powerful search tool and filters.  Users can read the titles and summaries of these and select to buy them.

One can set up virtual mailboxes on specific interest to be alerted on the publication and provision of new reports and interactions that correspond to the topics parametered in the system.

For advanced participants, ResearchPool also offers the ability to pre-purchase credits for one or several persons to buy reports, as well as an administration service for keeping track of all consumptions and allocation to funds managed.

For more information on our services to users of research, click here

How do I download reports?

As you browse the library of research, add any priced or free reports you would like to download to the “Shopping Cart”, by clicking “Add to cart”.  Once you are ready to check out, simply click the “Shopping Cart” button at the top right of the screen. 

If you are a new user, you will then be asked to register your contact details and, if purchasing for a paid report, include your billing details.  Please do ensure that you complete the “Investor Type”, “Currency” and “Country” fields accurately! You will then be presented your order summary and asked to accept our Terms and Conditions before being prompted, if buying paid research, to make a secure payment.  Your reports will then be available for immediate download and made available for future download in your “Account”.  Your profile and account login details can stored in your browser to facilitate future transactions.

If you are an existing user, just log into your “Account” using your email address and password to download and purchase new reports and access your previously downloaded ones.

How can I make payments?

ResearchPool uses the Stripe online payment system.  Stripe accepts payments from most major credit and debit card providers and transactions are processed within its secure environment.

You can choose to store your payment details in Stripe to streamline future purchases on ResearchPool.  More information on Stripe is available from

What format are reports delivered in?

All reports are delivered in PDF.  It’s worth noting that each research producer will have a different structure and style to their reports; ResearchPool has no input to the content or style of research producer reports.  Information on each report including the language, the date produced, number of pages and the price is displayed and a summary of each report is available on the “Report Summary” page by clicking “Learn More”.

Can I share reports with colleagues, friends and family?

No.  Reports downloaded from ResearchPool are for your own use, solely, and are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.  Reports can be displayed and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only.  You may not reproduce, retransmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate to anyone without the express written consent of ResearchPool and the research producer.  Each report downloaded from ResearchPool is uniquely watermarked with your name, email address and date of download to help identify any breaches in our Terms and Conditions.  Do however feel free to direct colleagues, friends and family to ResearchPool so that they can download their own copies.

Does ResearchPool plays any role in the research drafting?

No. Research provided on is not written, reviewed, edited or in any way endorsed by ResearchPool. All reports are produced by a wide number of third party research producers.

Does ResearchPool gives investment advice?

No content on ResearchPool is:-

  • providing investment, tax or legal advice and no content on ResearchPool amounts to investment advice under Financial Services laws.
  • recommending any financial instrument, investment or product, including those discussed on the Service.

No content on ResearchPool should be used or regarded as an offer or solicitation of an offer from us to buy or sell securities. Neither ResearchPool, nor ResearchPool staff will give investment advice as part of the Service and you must not ask them to do so.

Is ResearchPool regulated?

ResearchPool is unregulated, although keeps a close eye on the development of regulations pertaining to the investment intelligence sector. 

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions do send them to us at [email protected].