Frequently asked questions


Who can use ResearchPool?

Anyone can access the ResearchPool at no cost and see the title and summary of the reports from hundreds of sources.  The service caters in priority to investment professionals and some services are more appropriate to their usage needs.
Users may browse reports appropriate to their investor type and geographic location, in strict application of the provider’s distribution requirements. 

Who owns ResearchPool?

The company has built its business solely on independent capital, since ResearchPool is owned by its management and angel investors. 

What tools does ResearchPool offer to investment research users?

ResearchPool allows the discovery of reports and interactions from investment research analysts through a powerful search tool and filters.  Users can read the titles and summaries of these and select to buy them.

One can set up virtual mailboxes on specific interest to be alerted on the publication and provision of new reports and interactions that correspond to the topics parametered in the system.

For advanced participants, ResearchPool also offers the ability to pre-purchase credits for one or several persons to buy reports, as well as an administration service for keeping track of all consumptions and allocation to funds managed.

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What tools does ResearchPool offer to investment research providers?

ResearchPool hosts the reports and interactions available for purchasing by providers, under a advanced indexation system based on industry standards, allowing for their finding on the platform.  Interactions with our providers are managed under a secured framework.

Providers are able to manage their commercial strategy, both in terms of distribution and pricings, entitle users directly, and see the key metrics in terms of readership, sales and recognition.

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What format do reports have?

The market practice is mostly to have reports in Portable Document Format (.pdf).  A narrower set of reports are now available in .html formats often to avoid sharing and reproduction, but also to gather utilisation data.

It’s worth noting that each research producer will have a different structure and style to their reports; ResearchPool has no direct input to the content or style of research producer reports.  Information on each report including the language, the date produced, number of pages and the price is displayed, and a summary of each report is available on the Report Summary page.

Can I share reports with colleagues, friends and family?

Each report has a specific page so that one can easily and clearly share its position on the platform.  Moreover, we are looking at ways of sharing discovery results to facilitate teamwork.

Reports downloaded from ResearchPool are for your own use, solely, and are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.  Reports can be displayed and printed for your personal, non-commercial use only.  You may not reproduce, retransmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate to anyone without the express written consent of ResearchPool and the original publisher of the research.  Each report downloaded from ResearchPool is uniquely watermarked with your name, email address and date of download to help identify any breaches to our Terms and Conditions.  Colleagues, friends, family or people you want to share with may have a ResearchPool account so that they can download their own copies.

How can I make payments?

Buyers can pay for their purchased research through credit card or bank transfer, or, for investment professionals with such mechanisms, the Commission Shared Agreement (CSA) or Research Payment Account (RPA).

How does ResearchPool phase its efforts to become a leader in its field?

3 aspects to this: pioneering, gathering a community, and keeping to key values.

The firm is the pioneer in developing new habits for investment research, having launched its platform as a minimum viable proposition in July 2015.  The company continues to deliver substantial additions to its toolset from feedback of users and innovation.

The firm has a substantial set of providers proposing an unparalleled access to reports, and users leading to the highest traffic among the new investment research platform.

We share goals with our stakeholders through our values.  As such, we have launched the ONE in early 2018 (Open, Neutral, European). 

  • Open means notably that we are offering a minimal experience of our tools (investment research queries) to anyone;
  • Neutral means we will not take side for one party using our platform over another and keep data safe;
  • European is to keep close to the regulators who have built the unbundling of research, and remain their trusted parties in understanding the changes

Is ResearchPool regulated?

ResearchPool is unregulated, although keeps a close eye on the development of regulations pertaining to the investment intelligence sector.  ResearchPool’s values include the notion of European, and we are keeping close to all regulators looking after MiFID.

Does ResearchPool give investment advice?

ResearchPool is providing a platform although no investment, tax or legal advice as per the law.  Likewise, ResearchPool, and staff will not give investment advice and you must not ask them to do so.

We will not make recommendation for a financial instrument, investment or product, including those discussed in any of the reports or interactions; no content on ResearchPool should be used or regarded as an offer or solicitation of an offer from us to buy or sell securities.

Do users and providers on ResearchPool need to be regulated?

Anyone can access the ResearchPool and use its features for discovering and buying reports.  Providers in turn are professionals with professional credentials to be able to publish and comment on the financial markets.  As such, they are often regulated.

As a global marketplace, has the company looked for a tax-efficient set up?

ResearchPool pays taxes in all countries where it is meant to, mainly in France at this stage.  The company has not, and does not intend to, look for a tax efficient set-up.


For avoidance of doubt, investment research has been defined as a taxable income in France and attracts a 20% Value Added Tax.