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ESG Controversies- Early and Detailed Identification, A Must-Have

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With growing investors’ expectations and new labelling requirements, asset managers can not afford a delayed controversy identification nor rely on an identification process that is not detailed enough based only on absolute controversies numbers.

As an example, the French “ISR” Label requires detailed identification, analysis, and follow-up actions as part of a comprehensive asset manager policy for the prevention and verification of controversies that include: 

  • process for identifying controversies (sources and monitoring process),
  • methodology for analyzing and classifying controversies,
  • escalation process, in particular: initiation of dialogue, strengthening of dialogue,
  • monitoring, management act, type of actions, etc,
  • internal governance put in place to deal with ESG controversies, as well as the tools for monitoring follow-up actions,
  • formalization of decisions relating to past controversies, etc…

ResearchPool powered solution also entices robust and automated controversies process that delivers against investor expectations and labeling requirements. This will also entice collaboration, and foster productivity amongst firms. 
Amongst other features, your users will easily be able to create a controversy case, and log any evidence (content, data, or activities), plan action, track progress, and document decisions from their usual interfaces.


Case Creation

Users will be able to create controversies cases with customised tags directly from Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc…)

Evidence Log

Users can log evidence (content, data and/or events) with customised tags directy Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc…)

Discovery and Sharing  

Users can discover and collaborate on any controversy case directly from the issuer web pages where they will be also able to find all relevant evidence.


Admins can access intra day reporting on cases and related evidence in a few clicks. Data reporting visuals fully customizable to your organisation needs.