Research Distribution

Extend Your Distribution Reach

ResearchPool has developed two solutions to enable brokers and independent research providers to extend their research distribution to a new global network of investors and more effectively service existing clients

  • Icon Basket Watermelon (Shopping Basket) ResearchPool Marketplace - extend your reach to ResearchPool's global network of investors
  • Icon Inbox Watermelon (Inbox) Client Distribution - bespoke distribution, discovery and management solution for your clients
Icon Basket Watermelon (Shopping Basket)

Publish Research On ResearchPool's Marketplace

  • Icon Pages Watermelon (File) Promote your research and insights easily on ResearchPool's marketplace
  • Icon Upload Watermelon (Cloud-upload) Straightforward uploading process through either our API or Research Provider portal  
  • Icon Country Watermelon (Globe) Extend your distribution reach to new markets and investors
  • Icon Private Investors Watermelon (Users) Access a global marketplace with over 5,000 registered users
  • Icon Expand Watermelon (Expand Arrows) Join a network trusted by over 300 research providers
  • Icon Money Watermelon (Bank Note) Additional monetisation of research
  • Platform supports subscriptions, individually priced reports and free content
  • Icon ISIN Watermelon (Barcode) Complements existing sales strategy
  • Icon Target Watermelon (Crosshairs) Control which investors can access your research
  • Icon Tags Watermelon (Tags) Enhanced meta data and tagging to allow effective search and data analysis
  • Icon Hashtag Watermelon (Hashtag) Raise your profile to a wider range of potential customers
  • Icon Shield Watermelon (Shield-check) Secure cloud-based platform
  • Icon Analytics Watermelon (Key) Consumer analytics
  • Icon Wallet Watermelon (Wallet) No fee for uploading research.
Icon Inbox Watermelon (Inbox)

Effectively Service Existing Clients

  • Icon Idea Watermelon (Lightbulb) Service developed for research providers wanting to improve research distribution to existing clients
  • Bespoke platform to provide a full service distribution, discovery and management solution to your clients
  • Icon Private Investors Watermelon (Users) Service tailored to the specific needs of your firm and clients
  • Icon Inbox Watermelon (Inbox) Secure distribution and warehousing of research and content
  • Icon File Search Watermelon (File Search) Provide your clients effective search and filtering tools to discover the research they need
  • Icon Desktop Watermelon (Desktop) Customisable dashboards for clients to create watchlists, saved searches and alerts
  • Icon Analytics Watermelon (Key) Analytical tools to allow the research provider to monitor consumption in real-time
  • Icon Server Watermelon (Server) Service based on ResearchPool's robust technology infrastructure
  • Icon Wallet Watermelon (Wallet) Cost-effective SaaS solution
  • Icon Shield Watermelon (Shield-check) Helps research providers meet their MiFID II compliance obligations
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Cloud-based Research Platform

Discover research from more than 300 providers