Touax S.A.

Touax is engaged in leasing mobile and standardized equipments. Co. manages its own equipments and equipments for third-party investors, providing third-party management through its four core businesses. Through the Shipping containers business, Co. leases standard dry containers. Through the Modular buildings business, Co. provides modular buildings for offices, schools, hospitals, and site accommodation. Through the River barges business, Co. provides river barges for leasing and transporting dry bulk cargoes. Through the Freight railcars business, Co. provides freight railcars for railways and industrial groups. Co. operates geographically in Europe, the U.S. and Rest of the World.
  • TickerTOUP
  • ISINFR0000033003
  • ExchangeEuronext Paris
  • SectorIndustrial Transportation
  • CountryFrance


A director sold 5,000 shares at 11.462EUR and

A director at Touax(Touage Investissement) sold 5,000 shares at 11.462EUR and the significance rating of the trade was 54/100. Is that information sufficient for you to make an investment decision? This report gives details of those trades and adds context and analysis to them such that you can judge whether these trading decisions are ones worth following. Included in the report is a detailed share price chart which plots discretionary trades by all the company's directors over the last two years clearly showing Close periods where trading activity is restricted under listing rules. The n...

Ford Equity International Rating and Forecast Report

Ford Equity International Research Reports cover 60 countries with over 30,000 stocks traded on international exchanges. A proprietary quantitative system compares each company to its peers on proven measures of business value, growth characteristics, and investor behavior. Ford's three recommendation ratings buy, hold and sell, represent each stock’s return potential relative to its own country market.. The rating reports which are generated each week, include the fundamental details behind each recommendation and reflect the fundamental and price data as of the last trading day of the week...

Florian Béchaz

Touax SCA 24 juin 2019

Si l'attribution de bons de souscription d'actions aux salariés ne pose pas de problème particulier, en revanche, l'attribution de tels instruments de rémunération sans condition de performance n'est pas acceptable. Or, les résolutions 11 et 12 proposant l'attribution de BSA aux associés commandités ne mentionne aucune condition de performance. Elles ne seront donc pas soutenues. De plus, Proxinvest n'est pas favorable aux sociétés en commandites par actions. En effet, cette forme juridique permet par exemple le versement d'un dividende pour les associés commandités. Dans le cas présent, ce d...

SRI Quantitative KPIs

Les analyses Gaïa sont des analyses ESG (Environnement, Social, Gouvernance) dediees aux entreprises de tailles intermediaires (PME, ETI) françaises. Elles presentent 120 indicateurs quantitatifs sur les trois derniers exercices.

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