Metabolic Explorer

Metabolic Explorer SA is a France-based biological chemistry company that specializes in the development of bioprocesses for the production of chemical compounds used in a range of products, such as textile fibers, paints, solvents, animal feed supplements and adhesives, among others. Metabolic Explorer SA offers chemicals, such as Glycolic acid, L-Methionine, MPG (1.2 Propanediol) and PDO (1.3 Propanediol). The Company markets its products mainly for three families of industrialists: Manufacturers of agro-resources, Existing producers of chemical compounds and Manufacturers employing chemical compounds. In addition, the Company is engaged in the research and development works and runs its own laboratory to develop micro-organisms.
  • TickerMETEX
  • ISINFR0004177046
  • ExchangeEuronext Paris
  • SectorChemicals
  • CountryFrance


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