Genomic Vision SA

Genomic Vision Sa. Genomic Vision SA is a France-based biotechnology company. It develops and commercializes single-DNA molecule diagnostic tests and research tools for life sciences, cancer and genetic diseases. The Company uses the molecular combining technique for the direct visualization of single DNA molecules to detect quantitative and qualitative changes in the genome landscape and establish their contribution to pathology. It develops its products and services in three main markets: the medical diagnostic market focusing on DNA diagnostics (cancer genomics, genetic diseases); the pharmaceutical research and development market in the fields of genomics, to develop tests that can help physicians identify how patients are likely to respond to targeted therapies (personalized medicine, pharmacogenomics, cancer cell proliferation); and the academic laboratories research market, providing molecular combining tools for academic research in the field of cancer genetics, cytogenetics and DNA replication.
  • TickerGV
  • ISINFR0011799907
  • ExchangeEuronext Paris
  • SectorPharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • CountryFrance


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Genomic Vision SA (GV) - Medical Equipment - Deals and Alliances Profile

Summary Genomic Vision (Genomic) is a molecular diagnostics and technology company that develops and commercializes diagnostic tests for genetic diseases and cancers. The company’s portfolio comprises tests for breast cancer and colon cancer, diagnostic solution for facio-scapulo-humeral muscular dystrophy; and tools for identifying and characterizing rearrangements which affect the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Its diagnostic tests are based on DNA molecular combing technology. Genomic’s technology finds application in monitoring both spatial and temporal characteristics of DNA replication in a sin...

Etude de l'AG du 04/12/2017

Dans un contexte d'activité important, la société a convoqué une assemblée générale pour obtenir des liquidités via des opérations d'augmentation de capital avec et sans droit préférentiel de souscription. Elle avance en effet que les délégations votées lors de la précédente assemblée générale ne sont pas suffisantes pour réaliser une opération adaptée aux besoins de la société. Si la société développe dans le rapport du conseil d'administration son activité lors de l'exercice, elle ne donne toutefois pas de projet spécifique pour justifier les opérations suivantes, portant sur des montants i...

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