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Avanquest Software and its subsidiaries are engaged in manufacturing and distributing of communication software. Co. markets its communication software through Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements signed with international modem, computer and cellular phone vendors. Co. also sells its communication software "in shops" through a network of Resellers and, currently, on its Web sites. In addition to the software, Co. provides customers with the software medium (floppy disks or CD-ROM), and an electronics User Guide and online help, included with the product. Co.'s Customer Service department can also provide clients with technical assistance for its products.
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Julien Onillon

Claranova, Q3 2018 sales

As expected, Claranova recorded further very strong revenue growth in the third quarter of 2018 (Q1 of the fiscal year). Thanks to the acquisitions made in the software and Internet subsidiary (Avanquest), the company posted a 61% increase in sales, but the increase in organic sales remains exceptional at +33% year-on-year.

Katherine Thompson

Claranova - Strong organic growth in Q1

Claranova’s Q1 revenue growth of 61% y-o-y was made up of 33% organic growth and 27% growth from the recent acquisitions in the Avanquest business. All divisions showed organic growth in the quarter, prompting an upgrade to our forecasts. We lift our normalised EPS forecast by 1.9% in FY19 and 1.4% in FY20.

Johann Carrier ...
  • Maxime Dubreil

INVEST SECURITIES - Claranova : Forte croissance pour les 3 business sur le T1 2018/19 - ACHAT, OC 1,25€

L'activité sur le T1 2018/19 atteint un niveau record avec un CA de 48,2m€, en hausse de +61% (+33% en comparable), portée par les 3 divisons : 1) PlanetArt confirme son dynamisme avec un CA de 30,4m€, en hausse de +45%, 2) Avanquest profite de la consolidation des entités canadiennes pour doubler son CA trimestriel à 16,9m€, 3) myDevices voit son activité croître de +49% à O,9m€, intégrant pour moitié le début de la monétisation de son offre IoT in a Box aux US avec Sprint. Cette bonne publication, en ligne avec nos attentes, nous conduit à laisser nos estimations inchangées. Le groupe tiendr...

Julien Onillon

Claranova, Buy Conviction

It is often said that investors have no memory. This isn’t quite true. Their persistent mistrust towards Claranova and its management is proof of the contrary. Despite excellent results, Claranova remains one of the most volatile stocks on the market and has virtually no major institutional investors in its shareholding. What is true is that things got off to a bad start. In 2013, when the new management arrived, he raised many hopes. Unfortunately during the three years that followed Claranova accumulated EUR 77 million in net losses, completed two dilutive capital increases and saw its share...

Katherine Thompson

Claranova - FY18 results confirm positive momentum

After a year of strong growth for PlanetArt and myDevices combined with further restructuring for Avanquest, Claranova reported EBITDA profitability on a group basis. With further growth expected in PlanetArt, acquisitions doubling the size of Avanquest, and operator contracts increasing their contribution to myDevices, we maintain our revenue and EBITDA margin growth forecasts for FY19 and FY20. PlanetArt’s launch in India and recent distribution agreements signed by myDevices both have scope to contribute materially to revenues in the longer term.

Ford Equity International Rating and Forecast Report

Ford Equity International Research Reports cover 60 countries with over 30,000 stocks traded on international exchanges. A proprietary quantitative system compares each company to its peers on proven measures of business value, growth characteristics, and investor behavior. Ford's three recommendation ratings buy, hold and sell, represent each stock’s return potential relative to its own country market.. The rating reports which are generated each week, include the fundamental details behind each recommendation and reflect the fundamental and price data as of the last trading day of the week...

Etude de l'AG du 30/11/2016

Le 1 janvier 2016, la société a modifié la structure de la société pour avoir une Conseil de Surveillance et Directoire. Ce qui requit une séparation des fonctions dePrésident et Directeur Général, ces modifications soient bienvenues et démontrent la volonté de la société d'instaurer une bonne gouvernance.Malheureusement, la société continue de conclure des conventions avec certains de ses administrateurs non exécutifs (notamment avec Marc Goldberg jusqu'au administrateur et proposé comme censeur de 253 000 €).Par ailleurs, les autorisations d'opérer sur le capital (rachat, augmentations de ca...

SRI Quantitative KPIs

Les analyses Gaïa sont des analyses ESG (Environnement, Social, Gouvernance) dediees aux entreprises de tailles intermediaires (PME, ETI) françaises. Elles presentent 120 indicateurs quantitatifs sur les trois derniers exercices.

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