Nidec Corp.

NIDEC and its subsidiaries are primarily engaged in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of small precision motors, mid-size motors, machinery, electronic and optical components, and other products. Co.'s principal products are spindle motors for hard disk drives, motors for optical disk drives, small precision fans and other small motors; mid-size motors; test systems, measuring equipment, power transmission equipment, factory automation systems, card readers and industrial robots; camera shutters, camera lens units, switches, trimmer potentiometers, motor driven actuator units, processing and precision plastic mold products; and auto parts and pivot assemblies.
  • Ticker6594
  • ISINJP3734800000
  • SectorElectronic & Electrical Equipment
  • CountryJapan


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  • Ross LaDuke

Int'l Insights: Bullish Developed Markets Stocks

Overweight Global Technology & Industrials The absence of breakdowns in both the US dollar (DXY) and the MSCI EAFE vs. EM ratio along with the positive correlation between the two allows us to continue sticking with EAFE over EM... see charts below. As long as the DXY's uptrend remains intact, we expect EAFE to continue outperforming EM. Below we highlight attractive and actionable themes within developed int'l markets: • Technology and Industrial Manufacturing. Technology and Industrials continue to be two of the most attractive Sectors globally -- overweight. These two Sectors account fo...

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior

Feasibility Study Results in December to be a Catalyst for this Junior