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Augment the impact of ESG Engagements by Lowering your Admin Burden

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It is not uncommon to hear that the admin work of an analyst consumes a significant part of his/her time, which cannot be used to engage new issuers, further develop existing engagements, and make sense of the information collected.

The admin work includes:
⦁ Collecting engagement data across the organization
⦁ Standardizing the incoming data for a coherent representation of your engagement activity
⦁ Updating and producing reports with multidimensional views to meet different requirements
⦁ Emailing the reports to different distribution lists.

This manual work can be a source of mistakes, and it certainly requires the availability of one of your knowledgeable team members.

By freeing up the time of your analysts the impact of your engagement will grow, by deploying your team to what humans do best – making sense of the data collected and improving the engagement strategy to attain the desired outcomes.

Our ESG Engagement workflow solution, from data collection through case build-up and reporting, provides unparallel customization and automation and enables you to scale your engagement and let the technology do the rest.


Activities Tracking

Directly from Outlook, users can easily tag and log any ESG Engagement interaction with custom fields and automated field selection.

ESG Case Management 

Engagement cases can be discovered, managed, and shared for time gains, reliable tracking, and collaboration.


Customizable, intra-day updated, and ready-to-be-used reporting to track ESG Engagement across the organization.